Highly motivated, creative and attentive to detail, our team is made up of a passionate group of individuals that give us an edge over our peers. Committed to every project that we take on, we are here to meet your home furnishing needs and bring your ideas to life.

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James Lim


The director and founder of Charlotte's Carpentry, James began his career as an Interior Designer in 2009, and has gained wide recognition and affirmation for his work from satisfied home owners. With close to a decade of experience, he has taken his vision one step further, expanding the company to two outlets within a year of operation.

James specialises in providing home owners with ‘live’ sketches during a consultation, helping clients to better organise and visualise their ideas. Being well-versed in various design concepts also allows him to customise each home to suit the individuality and lifestyle of the owner. To James, achieving customer satisfaction is his primary objective, and nothing inspires him more than knowing his work makes a positive influence in someone's life.

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Wendy Lim


Also a director of Charlotte's Carpentry, Wendy is the company’s main liaison representative, ensuring all communication between designers and home owners is conveyed in an efficient and timely manner, and going to great lengths to accommodate to each home owner's requests.

The core support of our marketing arm, Wendy is active in various social media platforms, and strives to achieve maximum social media outreach to engage with potential and current home owners.

From overseeing administrative duties to managing the schedules of the team, she is the key to ensuring our day-to-day operations run as seamlessly as possible, so our team can focus on getting the job done.

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Riz Saw

Senior Designer (Team Leader)

Coupled with strong interpersonal and communication skills, Riz has consistently received praise from home owners for his versatility, sincerity and integrity. With more than 9 years of experience working as a professional interior designer, Riz’s strengths lie in space planning; with an eye for detail and the ability to think out of the box, he is the go-to person for alternative solutions for home designs and renovations. Many of Riz’s projects focus on modern contemporary, minimalist and modern oriental designs.

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Ginny Huang

Senior Designer

Having worked in the interior design industry since year 2010, Ginny is a natural when it comes to project management. As a project coordinator, her detail-oriented nature ensures that our budget and deadlines are met, and handovers are done promptly and smoothly.

From keeping home owners regularly updated on our team’s progress, to managing home owners' expectations, Ginny’s flexibility and quick thinking allow her to resolve any issues in the quickest and most efficient manner, giving home owners peace of mind and the confidence to let us work our magic.

Ginny’s professionalism has earned her glowing reviews and testimonials from the clients she has serviced, and is an indispensable member of our team.

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Raymond Loo


Raymond’s infectious enthusiasm and creativity translate in both his interaction with our clients and in his work. His passion in interior design goes way back to his childhood dream, and this has spurred Raymond on in wanting to help home owners achieve their dream home. Armed with a Diploma Certification in Interior Design, he is equipped with the professional skill set and knowledge to assist home owners in achieving a balance between practicality and aesthetics.

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Javerson Wee

Senior Designer

A seasoned veteran, Javerson brings more than ten years of industry experience to the table. His professionalism, flexibility and commitment to his craft allow him to tackle the most challenging demands, going the extra mile to understand and fulfil home owners’ needs in a prompt and effective manner. His quick response time, patience and positive attitude make him a pleasant and easy person to work with, delivering quality service with a smile.

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Sharon Tay

Senior Designer

Another veteran heavyweight, Sharon has over ten years of interior design experience under her belt. Possessing a keen eye for details, her specialty lies in marrying aesthetics with practicality, all while being mindful of her clients’ budget. A patient and good listener, she enjoys working closely with home owners to fine tune and sharpen their ideas further, and her conscientious design planning speaks volumes about her astute creative sensibilities.

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Eve Liao

Senior Designer

With over eight years of industry experience, Eve excels in customer service, ensuring home owners’ peace of mind from the planning stage, to execution and completion of work. Valued for her trustworthiness and honesty, she is able to assess her clients’ needs and balance functionality and style to create the perfect dream home. Her prompt assistance and timely delivery has earned her much praise from home owners, and continues to prove her mettle as a valuable member of the team.